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Questions and Complaints

About an Attorney?

The Rules of Professional Conduct adopted by the New Mexico Supreme Court provide standards of ethics and professional conduct for lawyers licensed to practice law in New Mexico. You may complain about an attorney's conduct by submitting a letter signed by you in...

About a court employee?

Complaints regarding the conduct of a court employee should be directed to the local court administrator or click one of the following options below. As an Employee As a Private Citizen

About a Judge?

The Judicial Standards Commission is an independent, constitutionally created Commission. The Code of Judicial Conduct adopted by the New Mexico Supreme Court provides standards of ethics and judicial conduct for State court judges. You may complain about a judge's...

About policies and procedures in the State courts?

Complaints relating to policies and procedures used in the State courts should be directed to the local court administrator or to: Administrative Office of the Courts237 Don Gaspar Avenue, Room 25Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501