Statue of scales
Statue of scales


In 2021 the Supreme Court approved the following new, amended, and withdrawn rules and forms. This page will be updated as additional amendments are approved.

Mandatory viewing of New Mexico Courts’ Guardianship and Conservatorship Orientation Program videos [Order No. 21-8300-001 and New Rule 1-144 NMRA]

[Approved 1-14-21; effective 2-01-21]

Order No. 21-8300-001     Rule 1-144 NMRA

Electronic filing in magistrate and metropolitan courts [Order No. 21-8300-002 and Rules 2-205 and 3-205 NMRA]

[Approved 1-19-21; Amendments to Rule 2-205 NMRA effective 9-09-21; Amendments to Rule 3-205 NMRA effective 3-05-21]

Order No. 21-8300-002       Rule 2-205 NMRA    Rule 3-205 NMRA