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Recordings of Oral Arguments

Audio recordings of Supreme Court oral arguments are posted to this webpage within 24 hours of the oral argument. Oral arguments are posted in chronological order by year.  For audio recordings of oral arguments before July 2017 that are not posted to this webpage, please contact the Clerk’s Office.  To listen to an oral argument posted to this webpage, please click on the name of the case:


Oral Arguments 2023

No.S-1-SC-39474 State v. Vasquez

No.S-1-SC-39473, State v. Houidobre

No.S-1-SC-37948, Socorro Electric Cooperative v. NMPRC

No.S-1-SC-40105, Amdor v. Grisham

No.S-1-SC-40136, City of Albuquerque v. Allison

No.S-1-SC-39742, State v. Board of County Commissioners for Lea County

No.S-1-SC-39834,Republican Party of New Mexico v. Oliver

No.S-1-SC-39487, State v. Pennman

No.S-1-SC-38916, Matter of Delorme-Gaines

No.S-1-SC-39406 Coalition for Affordable Energy v. NMPRC

No.S-1-SC-39377, State v. Powell

No.S-1-SC-39407, McKinley v. Interinsurance Exchange of the Automobile

No.S-1-SC-39152, Avangrid v. NMPRC

No. S-1-SC-39642, Matter of Lyle

No.S-1-SC-39544, Soon v. Kamman

No.S-1-SC-39522, Galloway v. NM Office of the Superintendent of Insurance

No.S-1-SC-38815, Southwestern Public Service Co. v. NMPRC

No. S-1-SC-39294, State v. Lobato-Rodriguez

No. S-1-SC-37698, Matter of Marshall

No. S-1-SC-39225, Aztec Municipal Schools v. Cardenas

No. S-1-SC-39211, State v. Hice

No. S-1-SC-39587, Matter of Proper

No. S-1-SC-39739, Matter of Collins

No. S-1-SC-39191, State v. Logan

No. S-1-SC-39493, Sanchez v. Presbyterian Health Care Services

No.S-1-SC-38948, State v. Mares

No.S-1-SC-3938, State ex rel., Balderas v. Gilead Sciences, Inc.

No.S-1-SC-39127, State v. Notah

No.S-1-SC-38980,State v. Luna

No. S-1-SC-39163, State v. King

No. S-1-SC-39169, Sipp v. Buffalo Thunder, Inc.

No. S-1-SC-39107, Rawlings v. Rawlings

No. S-1-SC-39037, State ex rel CYFD v. Ruben C.

No. S-1-SC-39266, State v. Montano

No.S-1-SC-39138, Public Service Company v. NMPRC

No.S-1-SC-38910, State v. Phillips

No.S-1-SC-38872, Gonzagowski v. Steamatic of Albuquerque

No.S-1-SC-38874, El Paso Electric Company v. NMPRC

No.S-1-SC-39065, Blanchard Corona Ranch v. Richard

No.S-1-SC-35619, Padilla v. Torres

No.S-1-SC-39481, Grisham v. Van Soelen

No.S-1-SC-39058 , State v. Chavez

Oral Arguments 2022

No.S-1-SC-38869, State v. Atencio

No.S-1-SC-38937, State v. Ayon

No.S-1-SC-3860, Premier Oil v. Welch

No.S-1-SC-38773, Wallbro v. Nolte

No.S-1-SC-39240, State v. Benedict

No.S-1-SC-39343, State v. Antonio M.

No.S-1-SC-39429,  Matter of Bean

No.S-1-SC-38834,  Autovest v. Agosto

No.S-1-SC-38834, Autovest v. Agosto

No.S-1-SC-38768, Prose v. NM Medical Board

No.S-1-SC-38877, State v. Billie

No.S-1-SC-38934, McFarland Land and Cattle v. Caprock Solar

No.S-1-SC-39284, Johnson & Johnson v. Wilson

No.S-1-SC-39074, In the Matter of Ayala

No.S-1-SC-39352, Greig v. Zhang, M.D.

No.S-1-SC-38812 Q Link v. NM PRC

No.S-1-SC-38787, State v. Natonabah

No.S-1-SC-38642, State v. Espinosa

No.S-1-SC-38147, Torres v. Santistevan

No.S-1-SC-39193 Inquiry Concerning a Judge

No.S-1-SC-38502, State v. Marquez

 No.S-1-SC-37698, Matter of Victor R. Marshall

No.S-1-SC-38818, State v. Taylor

No.S-1-SC-38916, Matter of Delorme-Gaines

 No.S-1-SC-39155, In the Matter of Robinson

No.S-1-SC-39180, In the Matter of Bauman

No.S-1-SC-36580, Ullman v. Safeway Ins.

No.S-1-SC-38484, State v. Torres

No.S-1-SC-36580 , Ullman v Safeway Insurance

No.S-1-SC-38195, Adobe Whitewater Club v. N.M. State Game Comm’n

No.S-1-SC-38437, State v. Hobbs

S-1-SC-38300, State v. Rael

No. S-1-SC-38367 and No. S-1-SC-38368, State v. Gutierrez

No. S-1-SC-38405, Martin v. State

No. S-1-SC-38769, State v. Jesenya O.

No. S-1-SC-37698, In the Matter of Marshall

No. S-1-SC-37903, State Engineer v. Romero

No. S-1-SC-38130, State v. Rodriguez

Oral Arguments 2021

No.S-1-SC-38977, Franchini v. Oliver

S-1-SC-37389, State v. Bangart-Portillo

S-1-SC-38912, Matter of Stripp

S-1-SC-38996, Candelaria v. Grisham

No. S-1-SC-38896, State v. Driggers

No.S-1-SC-37593, Otero County Commissioners v. Baca

No. S-1-SC-38177, Rudolfo v. Steward

No. S-1-SC-38288,State v. Apodaca

No. S-1-SC-37872, State v. Tafoya

No. S-1-SC-38418, State v. Tsosie

No. S-1-SC-38570, Anderson v. State

No. S-1-SC-38169, State v. Valeta

No. S-1-SC-38743, State v. Mascareno-Haidle

No. S-1-SC-38741, In the Matter of Ferguson

No. S-1-SC-38376, State v. Thompson

No. S-1-SC-37938, State v. Martinez

No. S-1-SC-38225, Qwest Corperation v. NMPRC

No. S-1-SC-37558, State v. Hildreth Jr.

No. S-1-SC-37567, State v. Madrid

Nos. S-1-SC-37489, S-1-SC-37490, No. S-1-SC-37491, and S-1-SC-37536, Chavez v. Bridgestone Americas Tire, Rodriguez v. Ford Motor Company, Rodriguez v. Ford Motor Company, Furman v. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

No. S-1-SC-38171, Maestas v. Town of Taos

No. S-1-SC-36995, Princeton Place v. NM HSD

No. S-1-SC-37722, State v. Adams

No. S-1-SC-36638, State v. Farish

No. S-1-SC-37389, State v. Banghart-Portillo

No. S-1-SC-36918, Morga v. FedEx

No. S-1-SC-37450, Leger v. Gerety

No. S-1-SC-37807, State v. Kramer

No. S-1-SC-37673, State v. Ortiz

No. S-1-SC-38510, State v. Wilson

No. S-1-SC-37962,Russ v. Russ

No. S-1-SC-38028, Qwest Corp. v. NMPRC

No.S-1-SC-38151, State v. Ortiz

No. S-1-SC-37729, State v. Lymon

No. S-1-SC-38028, Qwest Corp. v. NMPRC

No. S-1-SC-38510, State v. Wilson

No. S-1-SC-38510, State v. Wilson (Announcement from Bench)