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Rural Justice Initiative

The New Mexico Judiciary’s Rural Justice Initiative Clerkship Program is a 2-year program designed for law school graduates to gain valuable experience working in rural communities under the guidance of state judicial district Chief Judges.

The Rural Clerkship Program fosters deep community connections for new lawyers and encourages practicing law in areas of New Mexico that have few attorneys to meet the legal needs of local residents.

Apply for clerkship positions in Farmington, Aztec or Gallup, Clovis, and Portales beginning January 18, 2024. Applications will be taken through March 1, 2024.

Beginning January 18, 2024, these career opportunities will be available at

Minimum Qualifications

Education: Must be a graduate of a law school meeting the standards of accreditation of the American Bar Association.

Education Substitution: None.

Experience: One (1) year of experience performing legal research, analysis, writing, and editing while employed or as a student.

Experience Substitution: None.

Apply beginning January 18, 2024 at

What You’ll Need to Apply

Besides minimum qualifications, you also need to submit:

  • A writing sample no more than 10 pages
  • Three letters of reference

Apply beginning January 18, 2024 at

Applying for the Rural Clerkship Program

These clerkship positions are part of the New Mexico Judicial Branch’s Rural Justice Initiative, a program designed to inspire new lawyers to foster deep community connections and embrace practicing law in rural communities. Practical on-the-job training, hands-on experience, and opportunities for community engagement await. Law clerks hired under this initiative are at-will positions serving at the pleasure of the chief district court judge. The clerkships are expected to last two years. The salary for these positions is fixed at $70,000 per year, plus all judicial branch benefits.


Work as personal staff to the chief district judge on assigned cases, perform legal research, analysis, writing, and editing.

Apply beginning January 18, 2024 at

Clerkship Program rural area information

Links to resources in Farmington, Aztec, Gallup, Portales and Clovis

City of Clovis

City of Portales

City of Gallup

City of Aztec

City of Farmington

Apply beginning January 18, 2024 at