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Proposed Rule Changes

Proposed amendments to the Supreme Court’s Rules of Practice and Procedure are posted below. To view any of the proposals published for comment, click on the link to the proposal. You may submit a comment electronically using the Rule Proposal Comment Form below, or you may submit your comment by email to nmsupremecourtclerk@nmcourts.gov, by fax to 505-827-4837, or by mail to

Joey D. Moya, Clerk
New Mexico Supreme Court
P O Box 848
Santa Fe, New Mexico  87504-0848



Your comments must be received by the Clerk on or before November 29, 2018, to be considered by the Court. Please note that any submitted comments may be posted on the Supreme Court's web site for public viewing.


Proposal 2018-031 - Broadcasting, televising, photographing, and recording proceedings in magistrate courts [Rules 23-107, 2-114, and 6-116 NMRA] (2)


Proposal 2018-032 - Certification of professional guardians and conservators [New Rule 1-142 NMRA] [comments begin on p. 4


Proposal 2018-033 - Notice of hearing and rights of alleged incapacitated person [Rule 1-140 and new Form 4-999 NMRA] [comments begin on p. 6]


Proposal 2018-034 - Sealing of records in proceedings commenced under the Delinquency Act [Rule 10-166 NMRA][comments begin on p.10]


Proposal 2018-035 - Succession planning requirements for practicing lawyers [New Rule 16-119 NMRA][comments begin on p.4]


Proposal 2018-036 - Attorney misconduct to include harassment or discrimination [Rule 16-804 NMRA and withdrawn Rule 16-300 NMRA] [comments begin on p. 4]


Proposal 2018-037 - Pretrial detention [Rule 5-409 NMRA] [comments begin on p. 9]


Proposal 2018-038 - Revocation of pretrial release [Rules 5-403, 6-403, and 7-403 NMRA] [comments begin on p. 15]


Proposal 2018-039 - Pretrial release by designee [Rules 5-301, 5-408, 6-203, 6-408, 7-203, 7-408, 8-202, and 8-408 NMRA] [comments begin on p. 18]


Proposal 2018-040 - Bench warrant forms [Forms 9-212, 9-212A, and 9-212C NMRA] [comments begin on p. 9]


Proposal 2018-041 - Service of process in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings [New Rule 1-004.1 NMRA]

Rule Proposal Comment Form

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