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Proposed Rule Changes

Proposed amendments to the Supreme Court’s Rules of Practice and Procedure are posted below. To view any of the proposals published for comment, click on the link to the proposal. You may submit a comment electronically using the Rule Proposal Comment Form below, or you may submit your comment by email to nmsupremecourtclerk@nmcourts.gov, by fax to 505-827-4837, or by mail to

Joey D. Moya, Clerk
New Mexico Supreme Court
P O Box 848
Santa Fe, New Mexico  87504-0848


Your comments must be received by the Clerk on or before April 11, 2018, to be considered by the Court. Please note that any submitted comments may be posted on the Supreme Court’s website for public viewing.


Proposal 2018-002 - Tribal court order forms for involuntary commitments to state facilities [New Forms 10-605 and 4-950 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-003 - Calculating notice of appeal filing deadlines [Rules 12-201 and 12-601 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-004 - Consolidated briefing [Rule 12-318 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-005 - Attachments to Rule 12-505 petitions for writs of certiorari [Rule 12-505 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-006 - Immigration status of bar applicants [Rule 15-103 NMRA] [with comments submitted];


Proposal 2018-007 - Public access to bar admission proceedings filed in Supreme Court [Rule 15-401 NMRA]


Proposal 2018-008 - Identification of parties when service by publication is permitted [Rules 10-103 and 10-515 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-009 - Probation order and agreement form for delinquency proceedings [Rule 10-261 and New Form 10-719 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-010 - Explanation of rights in abuse and neglect proceedings involving an Indian child [Rule 10-314 NMRA] [with comments submitted];


Proposal 2018-011 - Tribal representative access to abuse and neglect proceedings [Rule 10-324 NMRA] [with comments submitted];


Proposal 2018-012 - Succession planning required for practicing lawyers [New Rule 16-119 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-013 - Intervention requirements when lawyer is severely impaired [Rule 16-501 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-014 - Reinstatement procedure for attorney suspended for delinquent child support payments [Rule 17-203 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-015 - Formal diversion program for minor ethics violation [Rule 17-206 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-016 - Reinstatement following reciprocal discipline [Rule 17-210 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-017 - Reinstatement to non-probationary status [Rule 17-214 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-018 - Deadlines for disciplinary decisions [Rules 17-313 and 17-315 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-019 - New Probate Court Rules and Forms [Rule Sets 1B and 4B NMRA];


Proposal 2018-020 - Contracts and UCC sales [Chapter 8 Introduction and UJI 13-807, -808, -809, -812, -817, -824, -826, -827, -828, -831, -832, -840, 843, -843A, -844, -845, -846, -847, -848, -849, -860 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-021 - Essential elements for child abandonment [UJI 14-606, 14-607, and 14-623 NMRA and New UJI 14-626 NMRA [ with comments submitted];


Proposal 2018-022 - Essential elements for criminal sexual contact [UJI 14-902 to -915 and 14-921 to -936 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-023 - Position of authority element for CSCM or CSPM offenses [UJI 14-926 and 14-945 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-024 - Essential elements for possession of drug paraphernalia [New UJI 14-3108 NMRA] [ with comments submitted];


Proposal 2018-025 - Defense of self or another using nondeadly force resulting in death [UJI 14-5181 and 14-5182 NMRA];


Proposal 2018-026 - Duty to retreat and first aggressor burdens in self-defense instructions [UJI 14-5190 and 14-5191 NMRA].

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