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Supreme Court Justice David K. Thomson to Discuss Judicial System with NM Students

Justice David K. Thomson has initiated an exciting new program to advance civics education in New Mexico. This new program provides students the opportunity to see how the judiciary operates and discuss issues presented in various cases. To kick off the program, students in the Santa Fe and Albuquerque public school districts will remotely observe oral argument in State v. Adams, No. S-1-SC-37722, which is scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court on March 3, 2021. After the hearing, Justice Thomson will answer questions of the students and explain the role of the judicial system in our democracy. This particular case involves a legal question of whether a trial court should have excluded results of a blood alcohol test in a DWI prosecution. To view a video recording of the oral argument and see the discussion materials, click here. To view a press release of Justice Thomson’s civics education program and to obtain information on program participation, click here. To read Justice Thomson’s column on the program featured in the Albuquerque Journal, click here.

Spring 2021 proposed rule amendments for comment

The Supreme Court has published Spring 2021 proposed rule amendments for comment. To view a summary of the proposed amendments, click here. To view the individual proposals, click here.

New Mexico Supreme Court Commission on Equity and Justice

The Supreme Court announces the creation of the New Mexico Supreme Court Commission on Equity and Justice and is accepting applications from anyone interested in serving on this new permanent standing commission of the Court.  To view the order creating the Commission, click here.  For information on applying to serve on the Commission, click here.  To read the press release announcing the creation of the new Commission, click here.


The Supreme Court remains open but is committed to implementing protocols to minimize the risk of coronavirus to all courthouse users.

At this time, all scheduled arguments are tentative and subject to change. The Court will continue to actively monitor daily developments and provide information as it is known.

For further coronavirus information and updates please see the New Mexico Judiciary’s website at