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Security and Closures

All visitors to the Supreme Court must check in with a security officer in the front lobby of the building.

New Supreme Court Building electronic device policy:

S-1-AO-2023-00023, In the Matter of Electronic Devices in the Supreme Court Building

All persons and packages are subject to search upon entry to the building. Firearms are not permitted on the premises. For Supreme Court Building Commission Security Policy click here

The Supreme Court of New Mexico has no public parking around the building. When the Court is closed due to inclement weather, the public will be notified through local news outlets announcing delays or closures for the “Supreme Court Building”. Notice of other pre-planned closures will be posted on this webpage and in public locations around the building.

Building Closures- 

Security Sign


Please check local news outlets for announcements of delays or closures because of inclement weather. Look for the specific words “Supreme Court Building” or “NM Supreme Court Building”  because we DO NOT follow announcements for the public schools or other state government entities in Santa Fe.


F. A. Q. – Supreme Court of New Mexico Security Protocols Frequently Asked Questions

The New Mexico Supreme Court welcomes visitors to our historic Courthouse and Supreme Court Law Library. The Court and Law Library are regularly visited by school groups, community organizations, individuals, and others throughout the year.

Q: What security protocols should I be aware of when visiting the New Mexico Supreme Court?
A: Listed below are the established security protocols when visiting the Court:

  • All persons and packages entering the New Mexico Supreme Court Building are subject to search.
  • Firearms are not permitted on the premises.
  • The Supreme Court’s electronic device policy applies to visitors, including tour groups. Recording devices of any kind are not permitted. Please do not bring cameras, cell phones/smart phones, laptops, tablets, etc.
  • The Supreme Court’s security policies do not allow backpacks or large purses, and this restriction applies to tour groups. Please do not bring backpacks, bags, or large purses.
  • Court employees will not hold any prohibited items.
  • All visitors are required to sign in and wear visitor badges.
    Please allow up to 15 minutes for security screening.