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Courtroom Etiquette

Customary rules of decorum are observed when attending sessions of the New Mexico Supreme Court. See Rule 23-104 NMRA. The Court convenes promptly at its announced starting times. Attorneys must check in at the Clerk’s Office at least 15 minutes early. And the timely arrival of visitors is encouraged.

 As soon as members of the Court are ready to take their places on the bench, the Clerk of Court or the Clerk’s deputy will announce the Court into session. When the Clerk asks those in attendance to “attend the Court”, all persons present in the courtroom should rise and remain standing until all members of the Court are seated. Likewise, upon adjournment, all persons rise until the last Justice has left the bench.

All phones must be turned off or placed in silent mode while in the courtroom. Smoking is prohibited throughout the building, and food, drink, and gum chewing are not permitted in the courtroom. Photography in the courtroom is not permitted Rule 23-107 NMRA without prior approval of the Clerk. All conversation must be kept to a minimum and at a volume that is not disruptive to the court proceeding. All visitors must comply with all directives by the security officers, clerks and other Court officials in the courtroom.