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Attorney Information Changes



All attorneys must provide notice to the Supreme Court of any change to their address of record, street address, telephone number of record, email address of record, and such other information as the Supreme Court may direct, within thirty (30) days of any change. Changes can be submitted by completing the “Changes to Name and Contact Information” form found under the “For Attorneys” tab on our website; by e-mail to; or by first class mail to the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office, P.O. Box 848, Santa Fe, NM 87504. Attorneys must also give notice to the State Bar of New Mexico of any such change.


Updated contact information for the following attorneys was entered on the Roll of Attorneys in November 2021. Any inquiries should be made to the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office by calling (505) 827-4863.

Patricia Y. Anderson
Roy Anuskewicz Jr.
Lauren L. Armstrong
Nicole L. Banks
Shannon Beaucaire
Marc A. Bernstein
Donna M. Bevacqua-Young
Georgia Garman Berrenberg
Peter M. Blute
Abby Danill Brown
Keith A. Brown
Michael J. Cadigan
Catherine Anne Cameron
Carroll D. Carter III
Kathleen D. Carter
Margaret A. Cassidy-Baca
Yelitza Conover
Benjamin Scott Cross
Joseph Konrad Daly
Kurtis R. Donisthorpe
Alexander Guy Elborn
Brian Douglas Escobedo
Maricela Cabrera Fernandez
Felicia A. Finston
Michael J. Golden
Alison K. Goodwin
Desiree D. Gurule

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January 2021-March 2021  

April 2021-July 2021   

August 2021-October 2121 


Heather M. Hampstead
Mahir Faisal Haque
Steven A. Harrell
Andrea D. Harris
Elizabeth Chung Hattrup
Luke Holmen
Mario Hernandez-Gerety
Eric Michael Hokana
Lee Hargis Huntzinger
J. Michael Hyatt
Sheilah A. Jennings
Andrew Johnson
LuAnn R. Ott Jilot
Sara M. Karni
Molly Kicklighter
Ruben Jorge Krisztal
Christine M. Landavazo
Kristen April Lowell
Jenny Patten Magallanes
Jessica R. Martin
Trent T. Maxwell
Holly J. Mell
Robert Milder
Andrew S. Montgomery
Rolando Morales
Lucia G. Moran
James Matthew Murray


Criostoir O’Cleireachain
Sharice Ogas Pacheco
Keythan F. Park
James P. Parrot
Eucaris Tatiana Perez-Valero
Leta Karam Powell
David Proper
Pedro Gabaldon Rael
Azucena Rascon
Jena Haley Ritchey
Beckham Angelo Rivera
Jaime F. Rubin
Angel L. Saenz
Marcus Salazar-Martinez
Tania Shahani
Jennifer Ann Smith
Anastasia S. Stevens
Cheryl Thompson
Jesse K. Tremaine
Patrick F. Trujillo
Richard J. Valle
Erin Sumrall Van Soelen
John Patton VanVeckhoven Jr.
M. Victoria Wilson
Lisa Yellow Eagle
Matthew J. Zamora