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Attorney Information Changes



All attorneys must provide notice to the Supreme Court of any change to their address of record, street address, telephone number of record, email address of record, and such other information as the Supreme Court may direct, within thirty (30) days of any change. Changes can be submitted by completing the “Changes to Name and Contact Information” form found under the “For Attorneys” tab on our website; by e-mail to; or by first class mail to the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office, P.O. Box 848, Santa Fe, NM 87504. Attorneys must also give notice to the State Bar of New Mexico of any such change.


Updated contact information for the following attorneys was entered on the Roll of Attorneys in August 2022. Any inquiries should be made to the Supreme Court Clerk’s Office by calling (505) 827-4863.

Jeffrey H. Albright
Zoila Y. Alvarez Hernández
Stephanie Barber-Renteria
Caroline Bass
Sarah Eileen Bennett
Ann L. Brethour
Abby Danill Brown
Stanford Travis Brown
Barbara J. Buck
Brigette Christianna Buynak
Roberto A. Cabello
Estrella Cedillo
Matthew E. Chandler
Israel S. Chávez
Levi Michael Chavez II
Rosenda Chavez-Lara
Saad Ahmed Chishty
Eunjin Choi
Bryan Arthur Collopy
Christopher R. Copeland
Alonzo Raul Corral
James M. Davis Jr.
Jessica Rose Ditmore
Rodney Dunn
Deirdre Louise Irene Ewing
Elize Christine Funke
Gabriel Kenneth Gabaldon
Michelle A. Garza
Charles John Gaspadarek
Jordon P. George
Yvette J. Gonzales
Shannan E. Goss
Theresa Hacsi
Carrie Allison Hall


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August 2021-October 2121 


Holly C. Hamm
Frederick Michael Hart
E. Craig Hay III
Bridget J. Hazen
Victor Hernandez
Alicia Hohl
Matthew Steven Jones
Salim A. Khayoumi
William Kirschner
Craig C. Kling
Adam Reed Knecht
Darin J. Lang
Damian Lara
Michael D. LeBlanc
Georgene Louis
Cesar R. Lozano Jr.
Ramon Julian Maestas
Yorgos Dionysus Marinakis
Allison Pool Martinez
Sean P. McAfee
Mitchell E. McCrea
David M. Mirazo
Jason S. Montclare
David James Moraine
Kari T. Morrissey
Jacqueline Dolores Mosher
Jay K. Nair
Blake F. Nichols
William A. O’Connell
Eugenia Ojeda-Martinez
Zachary P. Oliva
Mitchel J. Olson
Oscar W. Olszewski III
Brendan O’Reilly
Bevin C. Owens
Isabella A. Pacheco
Amir H. Pahlavan
H. Vern Payne
Jacob Marshal Payne
Ryan M. Perdue
Grover C. Peters III
Christopher William Richman
Jacobett Eugenia Rivera Luján

Emma Lee Roddy
Timothy B. Rode
Marc J. Rosen
Alexander K. Russell
Sabrina Rodriguez Salvato
Rees R. Scruggs II
Kenneth Shiau
Daniel Harris Silverstein
John D. Sloan Jr.
Ramón Andrés Soto
Jeffrey Louis Squires
Shahnaz Stanley
Mark F. Swanson
Minora Zecca Tellez
Lawrence A. VandenBout
Lisa Lett Voorhis
Mason B. Walker
Donald L. Walton
Mikel T. Ward
Stephen Michael Wayne
Dathan L. Weems
David Michael Wertz
Mariel Graeber Willow
Mallory A. Wolff
Samantha Lynn Yager
Robert L. Zamora